Top Private Medical Colleges in Tamilnadu 2017

Medical education in India is considered of very high quality and very cheap if compared with that available in other countries. Out of all the states in India, Tamil Nadu is one state which is very attractive when it comes to medical education. The reason for this being one of the most popular choices is the facilities that are on offer in the state. There are many good private as well as public colleges in the state which can ensure that you get the best training when it comes to medical education.

If we look at the private colleges in the state, then most of them are excellent and can ensure that you get the best atmosphere to get proper training. There are many colleges which are ranked in the top 10 institutes of the country because of the incredible teaching staff. To get you the best out of education, here are some of the top Private Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu.

Top 10 Private Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu

1. Sri Ramachandra University

Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute

Sri Ramachandra University is a very highly rated Private Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu which is now declared as a deemed university under the Section 3 of UGC. The private medical college in Coimbatore is very well known for the quality of education that is on offer over here. In term of courses, the college has a wide range to choose from. In total, there are 99 courses to choose from which includes medical, dental, nursing and more. It’s one of the biggest institutes in the country which more than 3700 students getting trained under the guidance of about 734 faculty members. Over the years the university has received many recognitions and awards which make it one of the top universities in the country.

2. Christian Medical College

Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore

This is a prestigious medical institute in India and top name in the List of private medical colleges in Tamilnadu. It is considered as an Academy of research and a top college for medical practices. Over the years the college has earned a very high reputation all over the globe for the facilities and quality of education that it provides. Started in the year 1900 by Dr. Ida S Scudddar, this college has created many milestones over the 126 years of its operation. This is the first college to start College of Nursing in the country. This was the first institute to perform the open heart surgery in the country in 1961. It is the first institute to perform reconstructive surgery for leprosy in the world in 1948.

3. SRM University, Tiruchirappalli

SRM Medical College Chennai

It is definitely one of the best Private Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu which can provide a very high-class education. The facility available over here is one of the top most in the country which can ensure that you get the best education in the city. Out of many medical colleges in Chennai, this one runs many programs with local as well as international universities. Almost all the medical programs are offered in the college which are divided into three major categories, MBBS UG, PG, and Super specialty.

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4. PSG College of Medical Science and Reseach

PSG Medical college 2017

Another very prestigious in the list of Private Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu which is ranked very high in the country is this one. It is a perfect mixture of excellent facilities combined with high-quality education. Every year the institute produces about 150 doctors who then serve to the people to best of their abilities. It has been 20 years since the MBBS colleges in Tamilnadu have started. Since then it can expand its very all reach to fulfill its aim to provide good quality education to all. There are many departments in the institute which can provide education in many different disciplines.

6. ACS Medical College and Hospital

ACS Medical College direct admissions 2017 MBBS and PG, MD, MS courses

One of the most growing institutes and one of the best medical colleges in Tamilnadu in the country is ACS medical college. The primary reason for this being in the top 10 is the kind of facilities that are on offer. The college is located on a large campus which can provide all the facilities to the students and ensure that they get the best knowledge to best of their abilities. There are courses in many different fields available in the institute which are divided into UG courses, PG courses, and super specialty.

7. Chettinad Hospital and Research Institute

Chettinad Medical College direct admission

One of the best institutes in the State which has been providing top medical knowledge to its student is this Chettinad Hospital and Research Institute. This is a very old institute and is located right on the heart of the City. The Institute offers many different courses which cover almost all the fields of medical science. The placement of the college is very famous and can provide you with the top quality jobs. The institute was started with the objective to ensure that everyone gets an affordable and high-quality education. Compared to other institutes, fees of this college is very less and is perfect for those who cannot pay the hefty fees charged by other private colleges.

8. Chennai Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre

Chennai Medical College Admissions

Best alternative to consider for getting an excellent medical training in the country. The college which has a very rich history was started in the year 1969 and was part of the Gandhi Centenary Program. Programs offered by these colleges are one of the most sought after in the state and can ensure that you get the best education in the state. Though located in the small city, the college is splendid regarding the facilities that are on offer. It can ensure that all your years go by very nicely and comfortable. Most important, the authorities have taken care that there is no discomfort caused to the student.  Over the years the college has provided more than 2300 doctors to the country which are placed at top positions across India.

9. Saveetha Medical College

saveetha medical College

The last one in the list is Saveetha Medical College which was established in the year 2005. In such a short span of time, the college has earned its repute as one of the best in medical science. Many aspirants target this college for further studies owing to its brilliant faculty and track record of producing excellent doctors every year.

9. Karpaga Vinayaga Institute of Medical Science

Karapaga Vinayaga Medical Colleges MBBS and PG admissions 2017

This institute is one of the most underrated college in the state. Started in the year 2007, the college has been one of the top places which can provide you good education at affordable cost. The college is spread over the campus of about 63 acres, and the Institute can provide knowledge in almost all the disciplines. What makes this one a top 10 alternative is the research facility that is on offer.

10. Meenakshi Medical College and Research Institute

Meenakshi Medical College Direct admission in MBBS

Another superb in the list of Private Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu which can provide you good education can be this. It is located in a vast land and can provide all the facilities to ensure that you get a comprehensive education. You can get admission into the top ten medical colleges in Tamilnadu by scoring well in the test. One can also avail to get direct admission in MBBS in the private medical colleges in Tamilnadu Admission 2017.

These are the list of Top 10 Private Medical Colleges in Tamilnadu in the state which can ensure that your education is smooth. The main aim of most of these institutes is to train the students to compete with the top doctors from the world and treat illnesses with all the care and responsibility.