Top PG Medical Colleges in India

Getting admission to top PG medical colleges in India is no doubt a back breaking task. Choosing the best is difficult too. In this article, we have listed Top PG medical colleges in India.

The top PG medical colleges in India is regarded quite significant for producing recognized students. Most of these colleges offer various profitable medical technology applications graduating and post-graduation stage including MBBS, BMed, etc. Therefore, NEET PG 2017 applicants are turning towards the private medical institutions and considered universities that offer total medical PG seats in India, a broader choice in terms of profession options.

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Here are a few of the Top PG Medical Colleges in India

  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences:

All-India Institute of Medical Sciences is listed as one of the best Post Graduate Medical Colleges in India. The institution was recognized as being of the national importance by an Act of Parliament. This popular institution is known for the advanced teaching college for Undergraduates and Postgraduates Medical Students. Here students can acquire the advanced educational facilities in Medical Education and learn.

The Institute provides wide-range of technicality for teaching, research, and patient-care. ‘AIIMS’ performs PG Medical Admission in medical and para-medical applications for both at undergrad and postgrad degrees. Including MD Paediatrics, medical teaching along with research is conducted in approximately 42 disciplines. In the field of scientific research AIIMS is the lead. The institution is having more than 600 research journals by its staff and scientists.

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  • Armed Forces Medical College, Pune:

Armed Forces Medical College was recognized on 01 May 1948. The institution performs coaching of medical undergraduates and postgraduates, nursing undergraduates and post-graduates, dental postgraduates and paramedical staff. Patient care forms a fundamental element of the coaching program and the associated hospitals utilize the expertise available at AFMC. The institution is responsible for offering PG Course after MBBS along with specialists and super specialists to Armed Forces by offering in-house coaching.  Thus AFMC types the central source of the finest quality expert medical care being provided to the Armed Forces. This Medical College is a top-notch medical institution of India, called a center of high quality for education and research.

  • Christian Medical College, Vellore:

This college started in 1932, and it is a beautiful building in granite. The college started offering MBBS and the admission of men from the year 1940.  The continuous growth in postgrad and specialized PG Medical Courses and in education is helping to touch the pick of pride beyond Vellore.

The medical learning a large and busy multi-specialty hospital is accompanied by positions in towns, objective hospital, and additional proper care configurations. Sophisticated resources for e-learning, telemedicine, evidence-based medication, informatics, and more recent pedagogical methods are incorporated into the teaching of values, teamwork, interaction, and an awareness of the needs of the marginalized. Undergraduate education is entirely residential.

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  • JIPMER, Pondicherry:

Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and learning & Research or ‘JIPMER’ records its source to 1823 when a med school called “Ecole de Medicine de Pondicherry”. In 1956 “Government of India” took over the medical college in the wake of the ‘de facto’ transfer of Pondicherry. The college improved as a Regional Centre and named as Jawaharlal Institute of Post-graduate Medical Education and learning and Research (JIPMER) on 13th July 1964.

The institution is active in research in various areas of present day medicine & health and MD General Surgery. An investigation authority at institution stage looks after the research activities, and there is a scientific society which provides a forum for the presentation of the research.

This PG Medical College of Chennai is one amongst the best Post Graduate Medical Colleges of India. The institution is has shown being a miles stone for medical education. Every year students from various sides from the world come here to explore more about the rich and advanced medical teachings and techniques.

Sri Ramachandra University is dedicated to high-quality PG Medical Courses, research and patient care. Weaved throughout all these activities are a strong commitment to public support, a collaborative work ethic, and offering care to our diverse areas.

  • Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Mumbai:

There is no doubt that this college also comes in the list of best medical college in the country. Since last half a century, the college has shown the metal in offering the brilliant doctors. Many students from all parts of India and abroad come here to take admission. This college provides PG medical seats in management quota students.

Not only hypothetically but also practically all the students shine. This Medical College provides MD MS admissions with advanced quality medical accessories in the college as well as in the hospital. Students holding excellent percentage of marks are also eligible to do internship from a medical facility operating out of Mumbai.

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MMCHRI designed to focus on the development of specialized services and in guaranteeing accessibility to these services to a broader and needier population. The goal of the college is to give affordable hospital services designed around the patient as it is the best PG Medical Colleges in Tamilnadu.  They offer an environment in which the medical expert of the next day can be trained, and investing in research and information and non-profit focused. You will get PG Seats in Tamilnadu medical colleges from this college.

SRM School is one of the best institutions in India. The university is large with a three-star resort inside the campus for Hotel Management students and a hospital, for medical scholars, which treats students from hostels for free. The infrastructure is great, but on the other hand, the school is regular. The university also provides a research Overseas Program, which is known as one of the best PG Medical Colleges in Chennai.

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  • M.S. Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore:

This PG medical college started imparting education in the field of medical in the year 1979. The college located on a huge campus of 65 acres – Gyana Gangotri or the ‘Spring of Knowledge’ adjacent the popular India Institute of Science.

Ramaiah Medical College is among the Top PG Medical Colleges in India. Along with the college there an enormous hospital that provides advanced medical expertise, contemporary analytic features and has all the facilities.

  • Medical College & Hospital Kolkata:

The reputed PG College has the reputation of being the first college in eastern India. The college is culturally rich in the city of Kolkata.

This Medical College later got the christening to Calcutta Medical College and Hospital. It is the best and first medical PG College of the east. IT has a history of 220 years. Today it is the best example of culture medical college.

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Although, these Top PG Medical Colleges in India may differ in the PG medical entrance requirements, structure, teaching technique and the nature of medical applications. They all can guarantee a bright career aspect with providing MD MS seats. Some applicants often require proper guidance and guidance to choose the right college for their college.